Premium Liquid Gel really is a product like no other, but just how is Premium Liquid Gel¬†different from other gels?! ūü§Ē

First of all, the appearance and consistency of the product is something more similar to that of nail polish or even a thick base! Premium Liquid Gel known as Builder Gel in a bottle and is the only gel on the market that comes in a bottle with a brush. This feature alone makes it super easy to work with as it does not require any other tools to use the product! Premium Liquid Gel applies like a polish but the finished result is a gel! Amazing!

Nail Technicians in the industry are loving Premium Liquid Gel as thanks to the more liquid consistency compared to that of conventional gels, working with Liquid Gel gets done twice as fast! Just what we love to hear, right?

Not only this, but the incredible Premium Liquid Gel is a self-levelling product! It does not leak or run. The gel also perfectly fills any nail irregularities, bumps or unevenness!¬†Filing is almost unnecessary with this kind of product, which is hwat we love, even less work when using this product! ūüė欆

The crazy thing is the pros of this product don't end with its super easy use! Premium Liquid Gel doesn’t heat up in a lamp, no uncomfortable sensation that we all know and dread!

What's more is that this product feels light on the nail, no heavy artificial feeling. 

Premium Liquid Gel is the only gel that dissolves!

We know this may sound hard to believe but it's true! This fantastic product doesn't require filing to be removed, so great news for both beginners and experts alike! You don't need to be an expert with an e-file to remove this product!

Don't worry, it's still as strong and reliable as traditional gels!

Premium Liquid Gel is strong and durable. Not only is it great for strengthening nails that may be prone to breakages, with this product, it is even possible to build nail extension up to 5 mm! You can use it to reconstruct a broken or cracked nail, strengthen the nail up, and perform nail plate architecture!

Due to the fact that it is non-smoky, it significantly reduces or eliminates allergic reactions, and it is also perfectly compatible with all other gels and polygels. 


Prepare the nail plate

Apply a template if necessary

Be sure to cover the nail with the base. You can choose any gel polish or gel base.

Form the nail with Liquid gel

Polymerization - 30-60 sec. LED / 120 sec. UV lamp. Minimum power 36w

It is not necessary to clean the dispersion layer

Finish off your look in style with some Studios Gel Polish of your choice or as is with it's natural subtle colours.


Try one of the fantastic 5 available colours and see for yourself


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